KOI Series

Individual Sizes/Models


KOI Splash

A quick dark punch of color perfect for accenting a musical passage is the job that the KOI series splash cymbals do so well.

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KOI Crash

The KOI series crashes are the pinnacle of rich tone.  Emulating the KOI Fish each crash is uniquely different and beautiful in its own right.  KOI crashes can handle the aggressive barrage of a rock drummer while concurrently able to sonically deliver with the most subtle of glances.

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KOI Ride

The cymbal smiths at Wuhan have created tonal masterpieces with the KOI rides. The raw hand-hammered bell has the definition and cutting power that many drummers search for. The complex lathing and hand-hammering of the body allow the cymbal to be dark and articulate. Go ahead and lay into these rides as they can easily deliver the exclamation point in your musical phrase.

WUKOI21R 21”
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WUKOI22R 22”
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KOI Hi-Hat

Dark, washy with just the perfect amount of clarity. The bottom Hi-Hat cymbal produces a cutting chick sound regardless of the angle that it is set at. These KOI hats can do it all and then some.

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Koi Conical China

With a playable bell, the KOI Conical series China’s are a dual-purpose cymbal. Because it has a playable bell you can use it like a gritty dirty ride or explosive china. With two exciting versions, you can choose between the bright lathed on both sides Conical or the darker un-lathed on one side Dark Conical. What a joy to have choices with the KOI Conical Chinas.

WUCC20 20”
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WUCD20 20”
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KOI Sizzle Bell China

The Sizzle Bell China is the mother of all china cymbals.  Some call this a Ride some call it a China. This 22” inch instrument is adorned with twenty rivets making it ideal for Jazz, Bop, Big Band, Swing, and Fusion. Unlike anything else with these features, the Sizzle China has a playable bell.  The un-lathed bottom of the cymbal adds definition and just the right amount of high end that is needed to round out its overall warm frequencies.

WUSB22 22”

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